The Church of the Spiral Tree (CST) is a non-profit, volunteer-staffed, ecumenical Pagan church, designed to foster and celebrate a sense of community and family among Pagans, both locally and in other regions of the country and world. CST celebrates the unique Pagan family: parents, children, elders, and extended family. It is an ecumenical church in that it encompasses all traditions, and is non-exclusive. It welcomes all who revere the Earth Mother and who respect themselves and others; regardless of with which tradition one is affiliated.

IMPORTANT: Church of the Spiral Tree is LGBTQ-friendly. We do NOT support the current "bathroom bills" being passed. Trans people are just as welcome at our events as cis- people, and if we *had* multi-stall public bathrooms, they would be welcome to use the restroom of the sex they identify as. We will not tolerate implicit, implied, verbal, emotional, or physical violence towards our LGBTQ friends.


The CST t-shirts are for sale! The shirts are dark green, and the design is white and gold. You can see the design on the t-shirt ordering page.

CST Rituals

CST hosts rituals for almost every sabbat; some of the groves do also. You do not have to be a CST member to attend! These rituals are open to everyone, including beginners, solitaries, and children. However, if you do deeply enjoy attending our rituals and would like to join CST, please fill out a membership form and send it in. Dress is casual; we do not work skyclad, to keep it family-friendly. After (or sometimes before) each ritual there is usually a pot-luck dinner; please bring a dish for this.

To make sure that adequate numbers of people will be present at these rituals so it is fun for everyone, our policy for the main CST rituals is that we must have five RSVPs by the Wednesday night before the ritual (72 hours before). To make it easy for you to RSVP and to see if the ritual will take place or not, we have Facebook event pages for the upcoming CST rituals for you to leave your RSVP, tell us what food you're bringing for potluck, and check to see who else is going. For details and links to the event pages, please "Like" our Facebook page.

CST Service Projects

How to Donate to CST's various service projects:

Church of the Spiral Tree has a Community Relief Fund, that allows us to help out community members in times of need. We also have a Pagan Prisoner Ministry, which provides outreach and support to incarcerated Pagans across the county. Both of these projects currently have zero funds, so your donations are needed NOW!

Your donations to these projects are tax-deductible - we will send you a receipt upon request. Please make your checks out to "Church of the Spiral Tree" and attach a note or write in the memo space, "Community Relief Fund," "Pagan Prisoner Ministry," or other purpose. This way we can keep up with exactly how much is coming in for each project.

Mail checks to: Church of the Spiral Tree, P.O. Box 3165, Auburn, AL 36831-3165.

OR Donate to CST's service projects via PayPal (state your project preference in the "Add special instructions to the seller" link that will appear just below "Church of the Spiral Tree"):


  1. Click the donate button
  2. Enter Amount
  3. Click the "Add special instructions to the seller" link, and state which project you prefer to donate to (if no preference, leave blank), and tell us whether you would like a receipt.
  4. Follow Instructions on screen

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