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The Church of the Spiral Tree (CST) is a non-profit, volunteer-staffed, ecumenical pagan church, designed to foster and celebrate a sense of community and family among pagans, both locally and in other regions of the country/world. CST celebrates the unique pagan family: parents, children, elders, and extended family. It is an ecumenical church in that it encompasses all traditions, and is non-exclusive. It welcomes all who revere the Earth Mother and who respect themselves and others, regardless of which tradition one is affiliated with.

CST was incorporated in August 1997 to provide a legal, tax-exempt status to the Pagan community. This status enables us to offer to the community a variety of open rituals that anyone may attend, to ordain ministers, and to extend our tax-exempt status to sub-groups of CST. One of our projects was the forming of a Pagan cover school program in 1999 for homeschooling families in Alabama (Sacred Grove Academy, now a ministry of Sacred Grove Church). CST has a Community Relief Fund, so we can collectively donate money in the name of an established Pagan church to individuals in need and to disaster relief efforts, including the American Red Cross. CST is also has a Pagan Prisoner Committee, which maintains a passive list of Pagans in prison who are hoping to find pen-pals.

CST offers publicized scheduled rituals on the sabbats. Membership in Church of the Spiral Tree is not required to participate in our rituals; however, if you like us enough to come to several rituals and gatherings, we encourage you to join as a paid member of CST. Your membership fee helps pay for the ritual supplies, supplies for the gatherings, postage for mailouts, and helps support the web site. You also get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you're supporting a worthwhile group that you yourself like, appreciate, and patronize!

Membership in Church of the Spiral Tree is open to everyone (under 18 may join the Church as Youth Members upon filing the Youth Membership section in the Membership Form, which includes a signature of parent or guardian granting permission and approval), regardless of ethnic group, previous religious affiliation, gender or sexual orientation. Anyone may attend its public rituals and larger festivals. We are not a large organization, so there is ample opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and be an active participant in circles and other functions.

CST is currently seeking members!

Services of CST Include:

Pagan Prisoner Committee
Community Relief Fund
Regular sabbat rituals

Membership Benefits Include:

Newsletter for members only
Networking with other members
Discounts by church-affiliated individuals on certain festivals and functions; for example Moondance and FallFling
Discounts (10%) at certain brick-and-mortar stores and festival vendors, including (so far) DreamScapes and Da' Gallery in Auburn, AL, and Catnip Dreams.
Ministerial credentials (extra fee)

If you would like to help with any of the above, have any further ideas for the church, or have any resources which would be of benefit, please contact us.

Membership Form