CST Policies

CST Policies are specific policies that don't really belong in the By-Laws, which requires a vote by the membership to change. We have formed and amended these policies over the years with input from our members.

Policies for Rituals and Events

Nudity & SkyClad Policy

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Equal Rights Policy

CST Policies for Rituals and Events

CST rituals are open to everyone in the community; you do not have to be a CST member to attend. All are welcome, including beginners, solitaries, and children. Our rituals are usually free to attend, but donations are always appreciated.

All CST rituals are family-friendly; therefore, no nudity or sky-clad is allowed. Dress is casual; ritual robes are welcome, but not required.


  1. You do NOT have to participate in the ritual - you can stand outside and watch (unless the ritual person specifically prohibits this at the beginning, as it might upset the energies), or you can hang out in your camp or other common area.
  2. If you arrive late and the ritual has already begun, please do not try to join in, as it will disrupt the flow of the ritual.
  3. Whether you are participating in the ritual or not, you must keep all conversation quiet, so that you are not able to be heard by those in ritual.
  4. If your conversation is disruptive, you will be asked to be more quiet.
  5. Continued disrespect will cause you to be uninvited to future rituals.

If dogs are allowed at a ritual gathering and/or a particular venue, you and your dog must follow certain rules.

  1. They must have proof of all current vaccines (bring paper from your vet).
  2. Please try to pick up or move “doggie bombs” so that others don’t step in it.
  3. Dogs must be well-behaved and under control at all times (even service dogs)
  4. If they are running loose and causing problems (barking, growling or showing ANY form of aggression at people or other dogs, jumping on people, running into people, stealing food off the potluck table, peeing on tents, etc.), you must contain them, either in a crate, car, or on a leash, as is appropriate (i.e., left in a crate to bark during ritual is not appropriate).
  5. Continued and unaddressed issues with your dog will mean your dog can not be brought back.
  6. The owner/manager of the site/venue reserves the right to refuse admission to any animal at any time for any reason, to limit the total number of dogs allowed at any one gathering, and to ask any animal to be completely removed from the site for any reason.

Children are always welcome at CST rituals! We do ask that parents be responsible for their children, aware of their location and activities, and make sure they aren’t a danger to themselves or to others. We also ask that children remain quiet and respectful during the ritual.

Depending on the venue for the ritual, alcohol may be allowed (see the CST policy on Alcoholic Beverages, http://www.spiraltree.org/policies.all.shtml). If you imbibe alcohol at a ritual gathering, there are some rules you must adhere to.

  1. You must be sober/straight during the ritual itself.
  2. You must not provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.
  3. You must not drink if you are under the age of 21.
  4. Drunken, inappropriate behavior is expressly NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME during a ritual gathering, even if that gathering lasts an entire weekend.
  5. If you are obnoxiously drunk and display inappropriate behavior such as harassing other attendees physically, verbally, sexually, or otherwise, stealing, disturbuing people’s camps or possessions, being lewd, rude and socially unacceptable, etc., you will be removed from the site. “Removed” means that one of your friends will be required to drive you home immediately. If no is available, willing, or able to drive you home, of our staff will drive you to the county Sheriff’s office or the local hospital and drop you off.

These are NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, no matter what venue we are using. If you are discovered with illegal substances, you will be asked to leave immediately. There is absolutely no room for negotiation on this issue.


  1. Any infraction of state and local law, i.e., theft, threat to or endangerment of others, etc., are grounds for immediate expulsion from the ritual gathering, and possible arrest, if appropriate.
  2. People’s tents, campers, and vehicles are their personal property and temporary living abode; do not enter them without permission.
  3. Unwanted sexual attention (harassment) is not acceptable and can be grounds for removal.
  4. Firearms are not allowed on-site during the ritual gathering.
  5. Anyone taking photos or video must obtain permission from all recognizable subjects prior to filming. Hidden cameras or other media devices are prohibited.

CST Policies: Nudity & SkyClad

As a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, Church of the Spiral Tree is required to obey and adhere to all federal, state, and local laws including all laws regarding public nudity and any laws referring to lewd or sexual exposure in the presence of underage minors. Underage minor is defined differently by different states therefore it is essential that state law as well as local laws and ordinances be known and respected.

The policy of CST is henceforth that no underage minor shall be present on the premises at any time there is a CST/grove/branch ritual or event which involves working sky clad, nudity, explicit intimate sexual behavior or sexual intercourse.

This policy does not deny groves/branches from sponsoring clothing optional events or sky clad rituals but does require that absolutely no one under the age of adulthood as defined by the state and local laws be present on the premises or in view or the premises where the ritual or event is held. Federal, state, and local laws as well as CST policy supersedes all and any consent presented by parents or legal guardian of the underaged minor.

CST Policies: Alcoholic Beverages

As a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, Church of the Spiral Tree is required to obey and adhere to all federal, state, and local laws. All persons drinking alcoholic beverages at any and all CST or CST grove functions must be 21 years old or older and be able to present a legal identification card as proof of legal age. All alcoholic beverages will be stored and served from a separate location from the non-alcoholic beverages. Anyone who offers or provides alcohol to guests under the age of 21 years of age will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Any underage guests caught drinking alcoholic beverages will be escorted from the premises by one of the CST or grove officers directly to the underage person's place of residence. The CST officers, grove officers, and ritual/ event hosts will be responsible for making sure that all guests comply with the law and with CST policy.

This policy also applies to any and all alcoholic beverages that are served as part of a ritual ceremony. In this case, a non-alcoholic substitute will be provided for all participants under 21 years old and for those adult participants who choose to not or cannot drink alcoholic beverages. All adults that wish to drink alcoholic beverages are required to be considerate of others by limiting the amount of their intake and are responsible for their behavior regardless of the amount that they drink. Anyone who becomes intoxicated to the point of being disorderly will be escorted from the premises and driven home by a designated driver or taxi cab (at their expense). Arrangements will be made to return their vehicle to them whenever the person can demonstrate sober and responsible behavior.

Anyone removed a second time from an event will not be allowed to return to a CST or CST grove event for one year, then only at the discretion of the CST and grove officers.

CST Policies: Equal Rights

The following is Church of the Spiral Tree's (CST's) stand on equal rights and behavior and attitudes that are not only expected but required of those participating in any CST event.

Church of the Spiral Tree's Equal Rights Policy policy states that no one will be discriminated against and no disparaging remarks will be made at any CST event in reference to religion (including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), race, ethnicity, sexual orientation (including homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, cross-dressing), culture, lifestyle (including polyamory), education, employment, age, or any other personal beliefs or traits that do no harm to others.

CST is proud to be an ecumenical church that respects all belief systems and lifestyles without judgement. If you expect respect, then you should be prepared to give it, regardless of whether you agree with the other perspective or not. Participants at CST functions are expected to enter the sacred grounds at ritual in PERFECT LOVE AND PERFECT TRUST. This means that any and all who enter sacred space should feel safe and comfortable.

Anyone who makes disparaging or deprecating remarks towards any individual or group will be given one very stern warning by the host, ritual facilitator or CST or grove officer that such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If a second offense occurs, that person will be escorted from the ritual grounds. Basically, if you can't say something nice, positive, supportive, or inspiring, then don't say anything at all. Prejudice is a form of hate based in fear and has no place in sacred space. Leave your negativity at the gate!