Due to a near-complete lack of people willing to write to inmates, we are closing the Pen Pal program, as of July 1, 2015. Out of nearly 170 inmates, only 13 are being written to, by two people. We will leave the Google spreadsheet of inmates in place, but it will no longer be updated. List of Inmates Wanting Pen-Pals. Inmates may still join CST for a reduced price of $15/year, and thus receive our newsletter four times a year.

Pagan Pen-Pal Programs

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Pagan Pen Pal Page

Pagans in Prison

Pagans in Prison

The Politics of Dancing: Pagan Prisoners - Information dealing with issues confronting Pagans who are incarcerated.

Alexandria Temple of Universal Metaphysics - A branch of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church (ATC), whose primary purpose is ministering to Wiccans/pagans in prison and jails, and their families, and secondary mission is to provide information about the Wiccan path to officials in Corrections systems (city, county, state and Federal) and assist them in addressing the spiritual issues of Wiccans in their custody. They provide in-person (Colorado only) and correspondance (anywhere) support to incarcerated Wiccans/pagans.

Prisoner Life - An forum networking prisoners, prisons, and the world.

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